Curated Matchmaking

Curated Matchmaking

1-on-1 Investor Matchmaking

Funding means growth, right? Therefore we have saved time and space to hook you up with your next investor or innovative startup at CapitalFest. This means that we get the best startups and scale-ups in direct contact with potential investors, and vice versa. And we’re not in this alone. Together with the award winning matchmaking tool NetworkTables, we curate your one-on-one’s to perfection.


NetworkTables is a very easy tool, designed by event managers, to help their attendees to meet the right people and make networking more efficient at their events. CapitalFest and NetworkTables have combined the existing tool with an additional matchmaking application for contacts between startups, scale ups and investors.

How it works

Roundtables: Meeting the right people at the right tables is what you want at events. CapitalFest enables you to take a seat at the right table with the right people. 


One-on-one meetings: Like to attend a One-on-one meeting? The NetworkTables algorithm generates a personalized time-schedule of dates for the attendees. This helps you being prepared and knowing what you get before you go to events.


Workshops & breakout sessions: Remember looking forward to a workshop but ending up for a closed door? At CapitalFest you can reserve your spot at the session you like. This enables you to create your perfect schedule.