Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

Pieter van der Does AMA Session - 12:30 - 13:15

Always wanted to know what it’s like to run a ‘unicorn’ scale-up? How to deal with scaling up, getting involved with investors, and to manage a team from start-up to scale-up?

Pieter van der Does, Co-founder / President & CEO of Adyen, opens up to a small group of founders for an exclusive Ask Me Anything Session during CapitalFest.

Get some last minute advice and rock those 1-on-1’s with investors!

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Pieter van der Does

Co-founder / President & CEO, Adyen

Pieter van der Does is the Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer at Ayden. A leading expert with over 15 years experience in the payments industry, Pieter van der Does co-founded Adyen in 2006. Since launching Adyen, the business has grown from a startup into a global operation with over 3,500 customers, averaging double-digit annual growth since 2007.

Prior to Adyen Pieter was Chief Commerce Officer at Bibit, building the payment service provider into a global player before it was acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2004, after which he served on the board until 2006.

Adyen has been chosen by the world’s largest merchants as their preferred omni-channel payment processing partner and acquirer and as CEO Pieter continues to build his team and the company to be the center of international commerce. Widely considered a visionary in payments, Pieter makes sure that Adyen delivers quality of service to merchants worldwide.

Pieter holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam and was elected Entrepreneur of the year by EY in 2013.